Club History

The Sun City Shadow Hills Classy Niners golf club was established in 2006. The founding members of the club were Barbara Price, Barbara Rodin, and Marty Cohen who worked diligently to secure the 15 signatures required to become a charter club.  A contest was held in 2009 to name the club, and Joanne Gageby won with the name Classy Niners

Vivian Chertok suggested the club’s logo design of the vintage lady golfer that was adopted.  In the beginning, pairings were done by hand for only 20 members, an impossible task today without computer software for the club’s growing 190+ members.

There have been many changes over the years as the club has grown and evolved. Golf getaways at other courses, clinics, social events, and invitational tournaments are now an integral part of the club’s annual calendar.  However, what hasn’t changed is the opportunity for club members to enjoy the game of golf and camaraderie with other club members.

The SCSH Classy Niners has an elected Board plus appointed Committee Chairpersons with each member serving a two-year term.  The following members have served as President:


Presidents, Past & Present

Barbara Rodin  (2006-2007)

Vivian Chertok  (2007-2009)

Mary Kunstler   (2009-2011)

Sue McClure  (2011-2012)

Linda Doom  (2012-2014)

Diane Ershig  (2014-2015)

Cynthia Bakshy  (2015-2017)

Brenda Moreno  (2017-2019)